Every other week, join a group and other new releases

Thursday, July 8, 2010 12:25:00 PM Categories: New Features
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Here is a summary of the new releases the past six weeks

Every other week. Many of you have asked about how to have an every other week option for meeting frequency. You no longer need to use a work around! Yesterday, Mark released a very intuitive feature that allows you to set up frequencies like every other week, every third week, etc. as well as keeping the other selected week functionality. (See Define meeting frequency on the Advanced Setup screen from the SG Admin main menu for details and access) There is also a Next meeting date on the weekly report that accommodates groups using the new functionality to get off their original schedule. Note: Weekly, and both bi-weekly and every other week options that had all 5 weeks checked have already been converted over to the new feature.

Join A Group. The Join A Group option is now being used for class, event, mission, volunteer and other sign-ups besides small groups. That created a need to allow that feature to be turned on (Customization features, security and accessibility) for some types of “groups”, but off for others. From Quick setup, step #2, you can see and then edit the option to Prevent registration / joining of groups with this response. Any group, event, class, etc. that selects as part of their group profile a preference response marked yes to prevent registration will not have the Join A Group option listed beside the group name on the browse groups page.

Link Builder. You likely know that you can link Churchteams from your website to certain types of groups such as students, men, women, recovery, etc.. Video #4 under Videos – Setup & Customization gives you clear step by step instructions on how to do this including how to access our new link builder tool. This tool allows you to pick the criterion you want and then creates the link for you to add to your website.

Performance Enhancements. Over the past couple of months we upgraded our server to improve overall database performance. We also did some internal upgrades to speed up Browse Groups and Browse Members access. You might not have even recognized these, but they are time consuming and essential components to providing you ever-improving service.

Reports & Communication. With input from some of you we’ve added the following:
Export to a .csv – now includes an option for exporting one record per family
Member listing & Group roster. Expanded output options to include photos, family members, current and past group involvement.

Member Searching & Mapping. The advanced option on Browse Members allows you to find people by searching based on an address now as well as email and phone. When you’ve located someone and go to their member information page, we’ve added a map for the individual / family address. This could be really helpful for use on a web enabled phone when doing a home visit.