Event sign-up, recruiting and volunteer sign-up

Tuesday, October 6, 2009 12:37:00 PM Categories: Tips 4 Clients
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Fall quarter is here and with it all the year end activities. Here’s abest practices process to help sign up volunteers for a Fall Festival, Christmas presentation or any other event.

* Make sure your normal link from your website goes just to the right group type (Videos-Setup/Customization – #4).
* Create a group type for events. You’ll use this throughout the year.
* Create a group for each area you need volunteers for and the maximum number needed.
* Identify them with this group type.
* Add a link to this group type from your website event promotion page with instructions to click “Join The Group”
* Be sure the “Join A Group” option is enabled (Customization Features, Security & Accessibility).
* Use email, texting or labels for any instructions, coordination and appreciation notes to these groups.
* When the event is over, make the groups inactive and use them for reference and recruitment next year.
* Note: Browse Groups for SG Admin has the option to view inactive groups and then re-activate them.

BTW, a number of churches are using this same process to manage their mission trips and/or service projects as well.