Custom Attributes (People Info) Enhancements

Monday, December 5, 2011 9:28:00 PM
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I wanted to update you on a few things we've added to your Churchteams account in the past couple of months. Some of these ideas were in response to your requests and suggestions.  THANK YOU!  Your ideas and thoughts make the tool better for everyone.  
If you've shared ideas in the past, they are on our development list and we'll get to them.  However, you are welcome to send us a reminder and ask for an update anytime.
Custom Attributes Enhancements - Helping you collect and track information on people.
  1. There are now 3 types of attributes that you can assign to people.
    • Member attributes - for individuals - Basic settings, step #3.
    • Household attributes - for the family or household - Customization options, Member customization, Customize family/household attributes.
    • Registration attributes - mandatory information collected when someone signs up for a class/event/project - Customization options, Customize Groupfinder, Group Registration Custom Attributes.  We will send another email soon with details on this new feature.
  2. You can now make any attribute mandatory.  This is handy for push-out emails to members to update their own information and other scenarios.  It is available for any of the 3 types of attributes and is a check box that looks like this:
    •  Check if this attribute is required and should always be entered or selected.
  3. You can now manually enter date fields.  Before you had to select a date by clicking year, month and day on the calendar.  
  4. Header to divide member attributes.  Several people asked about managing member attributes by being able to create a header between attributes.  When you add a new member attribute, you can now select a Divider/Heading option.  For those who want to further customize those headers, here is code to put in style sheet (customization options, then organization options) to control headers.  Be sure to put it between style sheet items and not in another tag.  For everyone else, the default works great.
    • span.caheaddesc {font-size: small; font-style: italic;}
    • span.caheaddesc {font-size: larger; text-decoration: underline;}
  5. Group views - You can now add group views directly from the group page from the staff level and up.  We've also added new options that you can include in the group view including member, family and now registration attributes.  We added an icon to help distinguish these types of attributes.


​Sent via email on 12/5/2011