Connecting In Communities by Eddie Mosley

Monday, June 27, 2011 10:30:00 AM Categories: Ministry & Technology
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Last week I flew to Colorado for a meeting with Navpress.  On the way I read a book they published earlier this year by Eddie Mosley, the Executive Director of Group Life at LifePoint church in Smyrna TN.  Here's my quick review of the book.

The body of Christ is an amazing thing.  Attend any conference or read almost any book on small groups and you will learn the thinking and model that served the speaker or author well to grow their ministry.  The challenge then is for the participant to take what he/she has learned and translate it into the culture and language of their church.  Eddie has done this masterfully at LifePoint and this book is a model on how to do that.

So, if you've been to or read about the small group models of Saddleback, Willow Creek, NorthPoint, North Coast or others; you have to read how Eddie pulls these together.  If you are new at the whole small group thing, you'll discover in one book a compilation of the best thinking the past couple of decades.  I love how it is organized and if I were still in a local church, I would use this book to train coaches.  If I were training future small group directors and other pastors, I would make it part of the curriculum.  

We don't exist for ourselves.  Each part of the body plays its own part.  We've had the privilege of serving LifePoint for many years.  That's our part of the body.  Eddie's is helping us see the big picture and put it together.  He's done an outstanding job.  Thanks Brother.