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Saturday, September 10, 2011 4:56:00 PM Categories: Just Visiting
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I recently bribed our top 100 users with an opportunity to get a free admission to the upcoming Twelve conference and asked them for their quick comments and feedback on Churchteams.  Many of these folks were already registered for the conference, but still gave their comments.  I thought you might like to see what people are saying:

I love the customer service (getting to call you on the phone and get the help we need when we need it, I love how easy it was to embed the sign-ups on our website, and I love the weekly emails to small group leaders and how easy it is to gather data about my groups.  Bobby Kirchner

I love the communication that Churchteams provides our groups through the weekly report, Just Awesome!   Michael Campbell

Boyd, I love Church Teams. The communication that gives to the group members and to staff in top of the line. I no longer have to spend hours on the phone trying to see how many people were in groups for the week. Reporting is so easy. Thank for making Church Teams available to us. You have made ministry easier for me.   Ken Wells 

What I love about Churchteams, aside from an excellent product in itself, is the fantastic service they offer! I've never felt so attended to and cared about as I have with these guys. Positive experiences from day one, and we've been with them for nearly a year now!   Ann-Marie Schell

I love the way Churchteams keeps me informed on the details of the people in our groups via prayer requests and group attendance updates! Ronda Shea

I love CT for the simple fact that it does what you said it would do. I have been sold other software that didn’t do half of what was advertised. CT is has taken our SG to the next level and we are not even fully maximizing it yet. You and Mark have done a great job.  Marvin Jinks

I love Churchteams because it enables me to keep track of our small groups in a very effective and efficient way.  Dianne Capps

I love about Churchteams that it puts all our small groups in one place online!Lisa Toney While we still have a lot to learn about ChurchTeams and all of its capabilities, we love the ability of ChurchTeams to automatically monitor/maintain our small group more manually monitoring how many people sign up for each group too make sure they don't get to big.  Dave Edwards

I love the fact that I get a snap shot of health of my small groups. I know how to help them and spur them on each month.  David R. Bondurant

One thing we love - wow that's hard. One thing we love is the online sign up option for groups and events. We used it this weekend and had over 100 of our 350 attendees sign up for groups in one weekend!LeeAnn Taylor I love the communication that Churchteams provides our groups through the weekly report, Just Awesome!  Michael Campbell

You guys rock. CTs is THE best thing to come along for small groups in…well… ever. Website is awesome and your customer service is amazing. Tom Albright

I love EVERYTHING about church teams, especially its ease of use. John Presko Churchteams has allowed me to keep up with an ever-increasing number of small groups in our congregation. Receiving weekly reports, being able to track which groups are utilizing what curriculum, seeing where spots are available and being aware of potentially unhealthy groups are just a few of the benefits I, as the leader of our small group ministry, has seen. From a whole-church perspective, Churchteams as allowed each of our ministries to be able to access the same information and use it in the ways they see fit. From reporting to children's check-in to texting teens and leaders, Churchteams has been a tremendous asset to our church.   Mark Messmore