Coaching, Prayer, Security, Family Roles, Involvement, Check-in - Upgrades you can use now!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014 12:03:00 PM Categories: New Features Tips 4 Clients
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 We regularly sneak in minor updates that we don't tell you about until they bunch up.  Most of these come from interactions with clients. This is an important part of our commitment to constant improvement.  Thanks everyone for your ideas and great conversations!  Here are some recent ones that are real features ready for you to use right now.    

Coaching.  Multiple coaches can now receive meeting reports.  
It used to be that each group could have just one coach, but some groups are coached by couples or multiple staff.  If you go to the coach area (or whatever you call leaders of leaders) then click on the name of a particular coach, you'll see there is a box at the top to add in cc: email address(es).  All meeting reports for that coach will be cced to this address.  BTW, coming soon, look for the same feature at the next level up (community leader or staff).


Staff Prayer.  Summarize group meeting notes and prayer requests.
You will see this option available by date range under group reports.  You can now pull all group prayer requests into one report.  Great for staff prayer gatherings.

Leader Level Security.  Better control what member information leaders can see.  
It is so great to see the many ways groups are being used to manage ministry!  To help accommodate correct access levels for leaders, we've added several options on the Group Information page to allow the leader to view a member's profile (current default), edit member (takes them right to the edit page), or not have access to any member information.


Household Roles.  Added college to family/household roles.
These roles are not customizable.  For college student or adult children still at home, use the new "college" role.  This will distinguish them from either adults or students.  Use other to include any other dependent that might be living in the household.  BTW, you can have multiple households/families at the same address.  

Member Involvement.  Added last activity date.
 Want a quick feel for how involved someone is in your church while you are on their member profile page?  We just added a "Last Activity" date right under the "Last Updated" line on the member information page.  Whenever you go to this page, the system automatically calculates and displays the last date that person attended anything that takes attendance or when they gave whichever date is most recent.  

Check-in Tablets.  Upgrades for smaller tablets.
Smaller tablets were having a difficult time displaying all the information on some of the check-in pages.  This update addresses that need. You can do check-in on the larger screen phones, but we're still recommending 7" tablets or larger, especially for entering new families.