Church Tech Isn't Just For Young Pastors

Tuesday, September 23, 2014 7:50:00 AM Categories: Communication Leadership Ministry & Technology
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Church management software (ChMS or CMS) is not reserved just for churches with young, tech-savvy pastors and leadership. Instead, it has become a necessity for all churches with pastors of all ages to help lighten the burden of managing a church. While ChMS is a relatively new tool for churches, more seasoned pastors are seeing the benefits ChMS can bring to their management systems. In fact, many of them wished this type of software had existed throughout the entire life of their ministry.

Jim Pelly is such an example. Jim is ministry veteran of 34 years who recently started a new non-denominational church in Grove, Oklahoma called Faith Church of Grove. We recently sat down with Jim to learn more about his church and how using Churchteams as his ChMS has benefitted his ministry.

Question: Tell us the story of your new church. Specifically, what makes your new church plant unique?

Jim: “It is unique in that older people from virtually every denomination in the community who were disenfranchised with the “contemporary” direction of their congregations. They rallied in support of our non-denominational, spiritual-giftedness-emphasis. So our church is predominantly made up of older adults, but a few younger folks with children are also checking us out along the way.”

Question: What are some of the greatest challenges your face for your new church?

Jim: “Communication is so important. We have new folks and guests each week and finding ways to meet, welcome and involve them is such a challenge.”

Question: How has Churchteams helped you address these challenge?

Jim: “The online pictorial directory has been a favorite of everyone with computers, which is the vast majority. Secondly, Churchteams has been critical in tracking all worship service attendance, small groups, visitation and follow-ups. We would just not be where we are without this tool. It is interesting to note we are in our third location in a year and have a contract for 6.5 acres in the city limits that we are able to pay for in cash.”

Question: What are your favorite features of Churchteams?

Jim: “The online pictorial directory, accurate attendance records and the simplicity in tracking group and worship service attendance. The financial record features also keeps our budgeting right on track.”

Question: New churches are often understaffed. How does Churchteams benefit a new church with that particular challenge?

Jim: “Churchteams, frankly, is our only secretary with just a couple of volunteers to keep it current and manage reports on our webpage. I have been in ministry for 34 years and have never had such a handy tool.“

Question: What would you say to other church planters about using Churchteams?

Jim: “It is an irreplaceable tool to expedite record keeping and has proven to be so dependable. In fact, Churchteams has been more dependable than our computer or Internet connection by far!

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