An XP on Churchteams contributions and check-in

Thursday, April 26, 2012 8:47:00 AM Categories: Just Visiting Tips 4 Clients
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I was recently copied on a communication between someone looking for a full Church Management System and Bill Atkinson, XP at Van Dyke Church in Tampa.  Before church staff he had a long career with one of the big 4 accounting firms.  I asked him if I could share his comments as a guest blog.  I've blotted out the names of the other companies he references.  Thanks Bill.

Dear ________,

We only use +++++ for General Ledger, Payroll, and Payables.

We use Church Teams for all of our member data and contributions and online giving.

We have been using +++++ for online registrations and will continue to use them until we can confirm how Church Teams will handle the various types of registrations that we handle in a year. Even +++++ has some issues that we have to work around.

We use Church Teams because it tends to be pretty straight forward, it is focused on supporting the unbelievable growth in our small groups and the high acceptance rate we have had from members and small group leaders. The support from CT far surpasses anything I have experienced. We used other systems and found we could seldom get members to log on and give us feedback on their groups or update their data. With CT we are seeing very high member response levels.

The Church Team concept has really been effective and we are looking forward to issuing our next giving statements electronically through attached PDF documents which will be such a time and $$ saver. Also we can send giving statements to members upon request as a pdf attachment usually within a couple of minutes.

Their children’s check-in has been a good match for us and the new release scheduled for next week has some pretty exciting improvements.

Our only need to interface between CT and +++++ is the total of donations by fund each week. We get the totals from CT after posting the donations into the member donor records. (Our data entry volunteer loves CT donation processing) Entering the fund totals into +++++ may take 5 minutes each week as a journal entry.