Added Print to Volunteer Schedule

Posted by Boyd Pelley Thursday, December 10, 2015 10:54:00 AM Categories: Ministry & Technology New Features
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Thanks to over 100 different churches who jumped on the volunteer webinars last week and this week.  Others have asked about it, so I added another one next week on Tuesday at 11:30 Central.  Double check for your time zone and then sign up here if you missed or want a redo.

We've already upgraded 2 parts of the feature based on the webinars:

  1. There is now a nice PRINT option for the schedule.
  2. Added the ability to show past schedules.

Here is a visual of both of these.

Beginning in January, I'm adding a new webinar into the weekly rotation entitled "Volunteers and Events".  Like the others, this will give you a consistent place to send staff for training and to get the latest updates on different features.

It's a huge privilege for us to serve you guys.