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New Release - Volunteer Scheduling 

Posted by Boyd Pelley Friday, November 20, 2015 6:03:00 PM Categories: Ministry & Technology New Features Tips 4 Clients Worship & Arts
I'll send a video on it in the next couple of weeks, but wanted to give you a quick heads up on an exciting new feature we just released today - volunteer scheduling! The most likely place that you will see it is on an individual's... read more

How To Lead Creatives 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014 6:00:00 AM Categories: Worship & Arts

As a little girl I dreamed of being a superstar.  In my world of make-believe, nightgowns became evening dresses and hairbrushes became microphones.  If a performer was on television – such as my all-time favorite entertainer, Carol Burnett – I could be found decked out in my superstar attire ready to mimic every movement, every word spoken and every note sung.

Unfortunately my talent didn’t keep pace with my drive but I quickly discovered the next best thing.  While I didn’t have the chops to be a performer, I did have the business savvy and marketing instincts to be part of the team that supports them.  That discovery led me to a nine-year career as an artist development manager for some of the top Christian recording artists of that era. Here are a few things I learned in those years....

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