5 Ways Churchteams Can Help You Connect People

Wednesday, August 7, 2013 6:06:00 PM Categories: Tips 4 Clients
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 It's the first week of August.  School is around the corner.  Everyone will soon be settling into their activity routines for the next 9 months.  And it's your job to make sure small groups and ministry opportunities at your church are part of that.  Here are 5 ways Churchteams can help you be successful.

1.  Get out of the way.  As the catalyst you will use response cards on Sundays and plan events to connect people.   You may have the capacity and resources to that well, but why not provide another way for people to connect not dependent on you.  Go to settings then church website integration to copy the links you need for your website. 
2.  Go mobile.  Mobile phones and tablets are the devices of choice for many people, especially on Sunday mornings.  When you add links created in our new version, search and join pages are optimized for use on these devices.  
3.  Keep it simple. Use the upgraded website integration page to create links for use throughout your website.  You can remove the search filter leaving just the group or groups referred to in the text.  If you are organized by geography, link a map to your website. 
4.  Be creative.  Some of the best interfaces we've seen have been well thought out, creative presentations of an invitation to join a group or ministry team connected by a Churchteams hyperlink.  Your website, not your street, is your main address these days. Invest in it like you would your landscaping and facility.   
5. Follow through.  Make sure connection is made by creating a group to help you follow up with leaders.  When you get the email that someone is interested, put them in this group.  Add a note indicating the group they were interested in and a follow up date for you, an admin asst, or a volunteer to contact the leader.  Remember, people don't do what you expect, they do what you inspect.
For more information on these and/or a refresher, join me again or for the first time on a Churchteams Webinar.