Website link doesn't work properly

Tuesday, April 5, 2011 10:59:00 AM Categories: Tips 4 Clients
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One of the most common support questions we get is about a link on a church's website that produces a timed out error whenever someone selects it unless they happen to be logged into Churchteams.
This happens all the time.  The reason is that the link on the website does not have the login credentials.  Usually, after creating the link or getting it from church website integration page in Churchteams, people check it in their browser.  When they realize it is the right link, they copy it from their browser and paste it on their website.  The problem is that the browser automatically hides the login credentials which means you end up putting in a link without login information.  This gives you the timed out error unless you happen to be logged into Churchteams already.  The solution is to copy the link from the church website integration page and paste it directly into your website.  It's okay to check in your browser, just don't re-copy it from the browser.
To get the correct link click customization features, then church website integration and go down to the browse groups section.  Just replace the link on your website with this link.  This is also the page that has the linkbuilder feature to create links to any individual or subset of groups.