Volunteer Management

Staffing the volunteer roles required just to pull of a Sunday Service is challenging.  Add in weekday groups, classes and events and managing volunteers becomes downright daunting.  It would be our privilege to help you with every step in that process.

Volunteering happens with a card in the offering, a visit to an info table, showing up for an event or registering online. These are pooled into a single group that serves as the dashboard to see spiritual gifts, interests, background check date, contact notes and follow up dates. The group becomes your recruiting pipeline and dashboard.

Schedules & Reminders
Build your teams or subgroup them based on how often they serve, ex. 1st and 3rd week or odd months of the year.  Or use Volunteer Scheduling to calendar serving assignments and email / text people to accept or decline. With one click, volunteers see and manage their volunteer schedule. Team leaders receive a response notification with a link to see and manage their full calendar. Two emails and texts automatically remind volunteers about their service responsibilities.

Managing Teams as Groups
From the pipeline group, volunteers are transferred to their ministry teams.  From here the team leader can communicate by email or text and track the involvement of all team members.

Mission Teams
Manage all your mission teams using the same system as your other ministry teams and events.  Your volunteer leaders will already be familiar with how to use the system from using it with their Bible Study groups or other ministry teams.

By adding a simple profile question with a response for each campus, you will be able to manage and track teams from different campuses separately or together as needed.  If you spin a campus off as a church plant, it will be easy to move the teams and data.

“...Had other databases but Churchteams is the only software my volunteers have readily embraced and view as a tool rather than a chore.”

Mark Collins
Rock Point Church