Churchteams Testimonials

CT is a powerful tool that can assist any local church in managing the key information about their members. This includes the basic information but also provides options to create data fields unique to any church. Managing groups is simple and its method of collecting attendance/feedback from groups works better than any other system I have seen. Checkin system is FAST, powerful and does not require expensive computers. Contribution tracking is quick and eStatements can be quickly sent by email saving time and costs of printing/mailing them. Customer Support for using the system has far exceeded any prior software support department. (Knowledgeable, helpful, friendly and fast). And the development team is responsive to suggestions for improvements from churches. Great Tool for a local church committed to Kingdom objectives.

Bill Atkinson, Executive Pastor

Van Dyke Church, Tampa

Almost 60,000 hits for just the month of August is quite amazing! Out of that, we have almost 2600 who have signed up for SG’s in the last two and a half weeks. We are pretty happy!!! Thank you for all you do for us. We could not do it without you.

Lisa Goodwin
Pastor, Spiritual Formation Director
12Stone Church, Atlanta

“For reliable, affordable and effective database support for your small group ministry, Church Teams has it all. Whether helping people find their way to a group or mining the essential data you need for wise decision making, the GroupFinder support system is the best tool on the market I have seen. Spend time building your ministry, and let Church Teams track your data.”

Bill Donahue
Executive Director of Group Life

“ is the best thing to happen to small groups and cell groups! It’s an incredible way to connect people in groups with leadership, and it will save oodles of time for busy staff people – the group leaders fill in all the forms online.”

Randall Neighbor
Touch Ministries

“Churchteams helps you go from ministry in the moment to ministry over the long haul with people and families.”

Jeremy MacDonald

“I am the executive pastor at Riverside Church. In addition to managing staff and leading several small groups, I am charged with creating systems and processes that equip people with tools that would enable them to spend time with each other, not work on administrating things. Part of my passion is to equip staff and our leaders with tools that create community and provide easy ways to communicate. The Shelby church managament system we used for the last eight years did not meet those goals. After researching all of the major CMS software we landed on Churchteams. Not only does this software provide a cloud-based solution that is accessible over any platform from any location it is also able to be a robust church database, but perhaps more importantly it is outstanding at connecting people and enabling leaders to care and shepard their people. Additionally, the customer service and techinical support has been very, very good exceeding my expectations. One of my favorite parts is I have been able to depend on the Churchteams staff as “extended staff” making my job much easier.”

Fred Drovdlic

Excellent, reliable, with flexible customization for a variety of ministry contexts. Friendly and responsive customer service that goes beyond vendor client to partner in addressing this need of our ministry.

William Frisbie
LeaderSource, West Africa

“Stark Raving Fan, easiest for our host leaders to use, easiest for 2-way communication, easiest for leaders to communicate with their peeps (love the texting option). Had other databases but Churchteams is the only software my volunteers have readily embraced and view as a tool rather than a chore.”

Mark Collins
Rock Point Church

Q:  Overall, what difference has Churchteams made to your ministry this past year?

R:  Revolutionary!  I went from having no idea what was going on in my groups, or even who was in a group – to not only knowing, but being able to lead them.

Patrick Largen
Christ Community Church, Kansas City

“Unashamedly I tell everyone Churchteams is the best software for small groups I have found.  On top of that it does everything else you want a complete Church Management System to do.”

Greg Bowman
West Ridge Community Church, Elgin IL


Churchteams has benefited us in every aspect of ministry. The church management/database component is easy to use and has so many fields to help organize and track visitors and members. The groups component has helped us better track attendance, with 100% leader participation EVERY WEEK thanks to the generated emails. The monthly reports have aided us in knowing true numbers and percentages of those actually involved in groups. We also have a clearer picture of group health. The online giving module has made giving so much more accessible to our church family. The ability to check-in kids in our kids ministry has benefited us. And to top it off, the price of this great tool compared to our previous, less efficient church management software has saved us a considerable amount of money. Churchteams is a home run and has been a great benefit across the board over the last year! We are big fans!!!!

Matt Evans
Skycrest Baptist Church, Clearwater FL

“We have seen a lot of our coaches really respond to the new coach reminder feature, thanks for the creativity and keep up the hard work; it is truly making disciples.”

James Seawell
Calvary Chapel, Ft. Lauderdale

Click on the picture above to hear Carl George, consultant and author, talking about Churchteams in Dallas on October 26, 2006.

Thanks and we love CHURCHTEAMS!! If you ever need anyone to brag about, I am more than willing to open my big mouth about it. It is bringing our LifeGroup ministry alive!!

Brian Morgan

One of our Life Group hosts does CIS for a living. He has never been more impressed with anything like he has with groupfinder. High compliment, and he doesn’t give those unless he means them, especially when it comes to technology! You are doing a great work. Thanks for all you do!

Bill Clark
Hickory Grove Baptist Church

“Churchteams is all about simplifying the small group reporting experience. It’s extremely simple to use but powerful in its application. … I was very impressed by how Churchteams has designed the reporting system. Emails are automatically sent out to the leaders reminding them to fill in their reports. Leaders need to only click ONE link in the email that will sign them in and bring up the report page. If the leader doesn’t fill in the report, the email will be send two days later, etc., until the leader fills in the report.”

Joel Comiskey
Founder / President Joel Comiskey Group

I am retired from a Fortune 500 company. The last 15 years of my career was spent implementing third party software on a worldwide basis. As a result I am quite familiar with integrated information systems oriented to the uninitiated, casual systems user. Currently I serve Christ Community Church, Greeley, Colorado coordinating and administering our small groups. At the time of this note we have around 75 active groups with approximately 750 people actively involved in small groups. We hope to double that in the next 18 to 24 months.

Church Teams is our small groups management tool. It was chosen because of its functionality, ease of use, the capability of contextualizing (customization) it to our environment, and how it supports our small groups infrastructure, ethos and philosophy. From a cost perspective it is, in our estimation, an exceptional VALUE.

The assistance provided by the Church Teams support staff prior to, during, and even now in our (sort of) steady state has been nothing short of world class. Our primary objective for implementing the tool was to facilitate direct and timely assimilation of those seeking community. At present we have 12 small group shepherds (AKA coaches) who support and are in relation with our small group leaders. A vital, and surprisingly powerful, benefit has been how the tool enables communications between leaders/shepherds and shepherds and me. Our leaders embrace the system and appreciate how it simply and non-intrusively helps them. From a former systems guy’s perspective I also appreciate the system’s availability, simplicity, and response time of the CT website.

For anyone interested in seeing our Church Team application, please access our website: In fact, comments or suggestions will be warmly received. My name is Dick Dougherty and my e-mail address is

I feel really good about it because I finally imported all of our students from the XCEL spreadsheets that their leaders were keeping. It could not have been easier. Church Teams is just super-easy to use and very user-friendly. It is intuitive and straightforward. Basically, I love using it! Our goal is to hand over management of the small groups to the leaders starting next semester. Normally, I would be worried to hand something like this over to them because I’d worry that they would get confused or overwhelmed. But Church Teams is just so easy to use that I’m not worried at all.

Georgia Viado
Flatirons Church, Boulder C

“As a Small Group Pastor I spent a lot of money trying to develop an application like this, and it never really worked. As CEO of Lifetogether we provide it to all our coaching churches and they love it. Churchteams really works.”

Brett Eastman
Lifetogether – Founder/CEO

“ChurchTeams is the best thing that has happened for Small Group communication. I really appreciate your service.”

Ron Day
Oakwood Community Church – Tampa, FL

“I would like to commend Mark Horan for his technical support in the highest way. Mark has been providing amazing tech support when we had any questions, even on weekends, even late at night. You can tell that Mark loves his product and is eager to help others maximize its functionality. Thank you so much for your ministry and helping us keep track of God’s workings in the many small groups into which He has placed His people.”

Christian Tiews
Salem Lutheran – Tomball, TX

“We have started 40 days of community and have over 1200 people entered into group finder w/ 130 groups!! Wow, this has been a task but I don’t know what we would have done without groupfinder. So thank you for creating this!”

Erika Mariani
First Covenant Church – Sacramento, CA

“Your ministry is a life saver to us!”

David Newton
Temple Baptist – Odessa, TX

“Awesome…Maybe you guys know already, but this resource has removed a huge communication barrier between groups and leadership. I have no idea how we would have been able to follow up with folks who drop out of a group unless we had this tool. We could not have launched 33 groups in February, and communicated with those groups effectively without this tool.”

Robert Smith
Harmony Christian Church

“Thanks for being our partners in ministry. You’ve made our job so much easier this year and we have a much better handle on what’s happening in our groups so we can shepherd people better.”

Kevin Roth
Grace Community Church

“I love GroupFinder. It’s an awesome tool. I have recommended it to many others.”

Jay Daniell
Our Saviour Lutheran – Norfolk, NE

We have gone from knowing very little about our 40 small groups to knowing about everything about them.  We can now move forward on building a solid foundation and infrastructure to support small group ministry for generations to come.

Sam Dull
St. Paul UMC, State College PA