Child Check-In for Sunday School & Family

Church Sunday School Child Check-in Software

You put a lot of time and money into your children and youth ministries and the counseling and education of their parents.  We know the challenges and concerns.  Here's how Churchteams will help you check kids in, organize groups, and follow up.

Child Check-in For Security And Attendance

Use our church management software to do check-in and attendance the way you want to do it.  Use a barcode scanner and check-in stations, or check-in by classroom or even with a paper roster.  For the latest innovation in this area, try our tablet based check-in.  It frees check-in to happen anywhere and saves on expenses.  Use text messaging to page parents or put the randomly generated security number on your worship screen.  The system also works well for student and event check-in on any device. Security labels and traditional name tags are optional.

Organize and Recruit

The groupfinder profile and coaching structure simplifies organization of and reporting on your classes, groups and teams.  Find and place leaders based on their interest, gifts, calling and/or passion. 

Children's Ministry Groups

Follow-up and Communicate

Use groups as connection pools for recruiting leaders, tracking guests, and managing any event, project or process.  These pools become the dashboard that streamlines assimilation.  Use email, texting or Facebook along with labels and mail merge to get the word out from the office or anywhere else.

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