Church Management Software Pricing


We provide state of the art, web-based church management software at a tremendous value. 

We're ready to come alongside your church with our easy-to-use and affordable church management software (CMS).  Our CMS works because we built it from the ground-up with the Church in mind.  Our unique small group management features along with intuitive streamlined features such as child check-in and pledge tracking will enable you to manage your church resources well and focus on what is important...  Preaching the Gospel and Making Disciples!

All Churchteams CMS features (except for online giving) are included in your subscription.  There is a one time setup fee.  Unlimited church management support is included.  

Subscription prices are based on the number of people in your Churchteams database:

People in Database

Semi-Annual *

Annual Subscription *

1 – 150 $120 $240
151 – 500 $240 $480
501 – 1000 $375 $750
1001 – 2000 $495 $990
2001 – 4000 $660 $1320
4001 – 6000 $825 $1650
6001 – 8000 $995 $1990
8001 – 10000 $1150 $2300
10001 – 15000 $1375 $2750
15001+ Contact us for pricing
*Additional one time set up fee = six month subscription.


Free 30-Day Church Management Software Trial

Access a full church management account with no limitations on loading data, creating groups, customizing the setup, and using all the Churchteams CMS features.  At the end of your 30 day free trial, you will be given the opportunity to continue your church management subscription or if you choose not to your account will auto-disable. If you continue your subscription the initial invoice will include the setup fee, which covers costs associated with initial setup and ongoing support, and your subscription for the first 6 months (or 1 year if you prefer). The software is simple to use and intuitive but if you have any questions, particularly during setup and while learning more about the tools, see the contact page for support and billing information.  We are always glad to help and are known for our support.

Click for a free 30 day church management software trial.

See our payment policy for details regarding payment.

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Why Subscribe?

Information Systems

If you can get on the Internet, we’ll keep the software running for you and you will have access to all upgrades as soon as they are released.

Customer Service

Our service is second to none. We’re here to answer all your questions, and your ideas for upgrades are always welcome.

Expanding Value

Churchteams is always adding new functionality and new tools for discipleship, team-building, outreach, stewardship, security and more.


As a member of Churchteams, you will be part of a growing network of churches. Feel free to ask us about best ideas and practices about any area of ministry. We’ll share what we’ve learned and help you network with others in your area or experts / consultants around the country.

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