We provide state of the art, web-based church management software at a tremendous value.

We’re ready to come alongside your church with our easy-to-use and affordable church management software (CMS). Our CMS works because we built it from the ground-up with the Church in mind. Our unique small group management features along with intuitive streamlined features such as child check-in and pledge tracking will enable you to manage your church resources well and focus on what is important… Preaching the Gospel and Making Disciples!

“…We love how easy and user friendly everything is and that it is affordable! So thankful God brought us to Churchteams when we were searching through the multiple options out there! One of the greatest moves we have made! ”

Grace Hannon
West Side Community Church

Subscription prices are based on the number of people in your Churchteams database:

People in Database

Semi-Annual *

Annual Subscription *

1 – 150 $120 $240
151 – 500 $240 $480
501 – 1,000 $375 $750
1,001 – 2,000 $495 $990
2,001 – 4,000 $660 $1320
4,001 – 6,000 $825 $1650
6,001 – 8,000 $995 $1990
8,001 – 10,000 $1150 $2300
10,001 – 15,000 $1400 $2800
15001 – 20,000 $1650 $3300
20,001+ Contact us for pricing

* Additional one time setup fee = 6 month subscription

All features, including unlimited support, are included in this one price. Only online giving/text giving costs extra.
Read this blog post to learn more about our pricing strategy.

Free 30-Day Church Management Software Trial

Access a full church management account with no limitations on loading data, creating groups, customizing the setup, and using all the Churchteams CMS features. At the end of your 30 day free trial, you will be given the opportunity to continue your church management subscription or if you choose not to your account will auto-disable. If you continue your subscription the initial invoice will include the setup fee, which covers costs associated with initial setup and ongoing support, and your subscription for the first 6 months (or 1 year if you prefer). The software is simple to use and intuitive but if you have any questions, particularly during setup and while learning more about the tools, see the contact page for support and billing information. We are always glad to help and are known for our support.

Click here for a free 30 day church management software trial.

Your official start and renewal date is the day your 30 day free trial is completed and you have agreed to continue using Churchteams. For the first payment, you will receive an invoice for the one time setup fee plus either the six or twelve month subscription payment. Future invoices will just include the subscription fee and will be based on the size of your Churchteams database at the time of the invoice. If you move from one subscription level to the next based on your database size during a billing cycle we do not charge for that increase until your next billing cycle. So you won’t be “capped” or limited in your use of Churchteams part way through a billing cycle. Your due date for each payment is 30 days after the start or renewal date.

If you have not paid by the due date, your payment will be considered overdue. We will send you a reminder after that date, but reserve the right to cancel your subscription at any time after the account is 30 days past due. In addition, we reserve the right to charge a late fee to re-enable an account past due greater than 30 days.

Your respectful communication and kind attention to payment is deeply appreciated.

Please read our above payment policy for details regarding payment.

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