Online Giving

Online giving is a growing trend for generosity and stewardship in churches.  Some are receiving over 50% of their offerings online and seeing an increase of 15-20% in giving.  Consider the debit card only option to save on processing fees.

Integrates with Contributions

When donors click to give online, or on the date of their recurring donation, contributions are posted into the church's bank account and can be split for multiple designations.  At the same time, they are credited to the donor's giving record in Churchteams.  When Sunday's offering is entered, church's have the option to run the summary with or without the online giving for that week.  This report includes amount and percentages by contribution method enabling you to track online giving weekly.

Church contribution summary

Integrates with Event Registration

Create an event as you would any other group.  Edit registration settings including the price of the event and piecemeal pricing.  Then use LinkBuilder to create the link and put it on your website.  When registrants sign up for the event, the system will automatically take them to a payment portal.  The group becomes your dashboard for managing event registration.  Easy to setup.  Easy to use.

Partnership with Ardent

A lot goes on behind the scenes to track and process online contributions.  There are relationships with banks and payment processing companies.  We chose to partner with Ardent as our exclusive processor because of their years of experience in the payment processing industry, their approach to pricing and their commitment to bringing the best possible value to churches.  For more information and to get started in setting up your online giving, call (877) 505-3260 or click here for more information.

Debit Card Only Option

Ardent was the first company to offer the debit only option and brought that option to the market.  This allows a church to use this approach to reinforce principles of debt management.  Because there are no rewards points associated with debit cards, it also ensures a larger percentage of the offering going to the church.   Credit cards and ACH are also options the church can use.

Competitive Pricing

Ardent was founded to give churches wholesale pricing like large retailers get.  We qualify each individual online contribution for the best available rate.  That way savings go to the church rather than the processing company or the donor management software.  Churches changing from other systems typically save 20% on fees over other service providers.  Just contact Ardent to find out what your savings can be.  If your existing processing rates are lower, we will be happy to match them.

  • No setup fees.   
  • No long term contract.  Month to month with no cost to end the service.
  • Annual compliance fee of $179.  
  • Monthly fee of $39.  
  • Transaction fees as low as $1.28 per $100 with debit card transactions.  Lesser percentage with larger transactions.
  • We can process any type of card, but debit card only has benefits many churches prefer.
  • Ardent article in Worship Facilities Magazine on 2011 debit card rate change.


Security and Best Practices

All transactions are encrypted and completely secure.  Contributors login by searching for their name or email address then affirming it with the other one.  They also have to create a unique password.  Ardent will provide you with ideas and materials for church-wide communication based on the best practices of other churches. 

Want To Keep Your Current Online Giving Software?

If your current online giving solution produces a spreadsheet or .csv file of donations, that file can be easily imported into Churchteams so that you don't have to enter it manually.

What Others Are Saying

We saved money compared to our previous online giving provider. We are pleased with our decision to switch!

The experience has been very positive.  The offerings automatically are populated into the congregant's tithing record. The payment automatically hits our bank account. The cost is lower than the providers we have used in the past. There is very little effort on our part. We are very happy with Churchteams as our online giving provider.