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Wednesday, June 26, 2013 10:58:00 AM Categories: New Features Tips 4 Clients
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 As you know we released a new version of Churchteams several months ago.  However, there were certain parts of that release that were not yet upgraded and still used the classic style: browse groups, reports, check-in and contributions.  Last night we released the new version of the Browse Groups Page.

To see the changes, login at the level you normally would and click Browse Groups on the Groups button. (To upgrade from the classic version, save and share the link in Basic settings step 1.  Same passwords will work).  Here are a few things to note:
  1. For leader level access and higher, the black navigation bar is at the top and the logo is removed.  
  2. For guest level access (i.e. links from your website), your logo is at the top with no navigation bar.  
  3. To change the logo, click on Settings then Groups then Browse Groups Page.  You can add a logo and control several other features of the browse groups page to better match your website.  Note: the logo and html customizations you may have done in the classic view are NOT transferred to the new view.  
  4. Open / hide button.  Allows you to hide search criteria.  Great for use on smart phones.
  5. Map button.  Pulls up a new version of maps of the group.  Check it out.
  6. Address and distance buttons are now grouped together making it more clear that you can search based on an address.
  7. Search for groups by name is right justified.  
  8. Register for the group and Email Leader links are now buttons.
  9. Inactivate and delete a group (staff level and higher only).
  10. Login button available at guest level.  Allows leaders on up to login from Browse Groups on your website.
Leader level and up view:
Inline image 1
Guest level view (website):
Inline image 2
Action Required:  Check the links on your website
The most important implications of this change relate to the links on your website.  Here are a few scenarios and what to do about them.
Your links go to the classic view.  You are using the classic view links.  This change will not affect those.  If you want to consider changing the links, click on Settings then Website Integration.  Play around with the different options there.
Your links go to the new view.  You have created those links from the new Website Integration page and been automatically upgraded.  To go back to the classic view, just remove the /m from the link.  To customize the logo and other html options, go to Settings then Groups then Browse Groups Page.  Any customization you did for the classic view needs to be redone in the new view.