Ministry and Missions

Ministry and Missions

We believe every believer is God-shaped for some place of ministry. This may be helping with ongoing, weekly ministry or extending the church's mission locally, nationally and around the world.

Worship & Guest Services

Use our reporting features and groups to identify and recruit leaders and members based on gifts and passion (see assimilation section for details).  Empower leaders to organize and communicate with their teams using tools they already know from small groups.  Use Google calendars and documents to share schedules, music and other documents. 

Missional Teams

Our groups system works great for managing any kind of local, national or international missional effort.  Customize it to fit anything from getting people to sign up for 100 plus "Day of Service" projects to supporting ongoing teams for the local shelter or an international missionary.  


Churchteams is designed to manage, report and even map groups or teams based on any customizable attribute and so adding a Campus attribute with the available campuses for your church is all that's needed.  Then create links from your website to pull up just the groups, events, classes or projects specific to any campus.  Reporting, communication and other features automatically have the option to filter by campus or other attributes.

Social Media

Rather than competing with the market for people's social media attention, Churchteams adds the ability to link social media or any web application to a person, group or ministry.  This gives your teams the freedom to use web apps they already know and use.  It also keeps them engaged in using these mediums for reaching out and serving others.  Coming soon: Churchteams Facebook app and integration.





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