Major upgrade to Check-in system. Minor ones for contributions.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012 1:42:00 PM Categories: New Features
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 In 2010, we launched children's check-in.  Then we listened to you and upgraded it with the features you wanted like shortcuts that save you time.  If you're paying for or considering another system, our's is included in the service you already have which can save you money.

We already had most of the features you expect, we've just improved them and added others.  Here is the new video for setting up the check-in system and for adding logos.  Other videos will be updated and added shortly.  
Here are some highlights of the Check-in Upgrades released 2 weeks ago:
  1. Check-in views: Allow you to customize and save settings for: a) name tags (labels), b) access to various check-in features, and c) groups.  Now provide a link to save the setting as a favorite or desktop icon.  This simplifies check-in station setup.
  2. Style sheet:  Customize fonts, sizes and add logos to name tags.
  3. Self check-in security and accessibility features.
  4. Friend / guest labels.
  5. Real time reports.
  6. Check-in once for multiple classes also listed on label.
  7. Expanded features now allow check-in to be used for entering info cards quickly.
  8. More options to expand use for volunteer, youth, events and any other check-in scenario.
Since our last new release email, we've also done some upgrades to our contributions features:
  1. Online giving reconciliation report - helps accounting reconcile automatic deposits with individual contributions.
  2. ACH payment options for event registration.  Expanded options for use of ACH.
  3. New CONTRIBUTIONS WEBINAR to introduce and discuss financial features.
  4. Ability to customize a cover email to go out with emailed .pdf statements.  Great for quarterly statements too.
Plus, we added some miscellaneous upgrades like:
  1. Report options to select related family members - This is a Household/Family attribute option you can use to list, label, email and text family members.  ex. Email or text parents directly.
  2. Edit or export registration attributes - Complements event registration allowing you to do even more with event data.
  3. Session timeout increased to 2.5 hours for coach level and higher.
READY TO LEARN MORE:  Watch the videos above, play around with the new features or join me for a webinar on church management or the new one on contributions.  
Thanks for the honor of serving your church.