Lessons along the way

Since 2001, Churchteams has led the way in small group software innovation.  Clients often mentioned wanting just one database.  So, we applied what we learned to church management software.

Lessons Learned

Integrate your database into your website

Pastors and staff shouldn't be the bottleneck for people connecting.  Our linkbuilder feature builds links to types of groups or  to specific groups for people to filter, map, email the leader or join from your website.  Churches connect dozens to thousands of people to small groups in 2-3 weeks!

Don't ask volunteers to login, push out emails to them

Our experience demonstrated that at best 50% of volunteer leaders will login to report on their groups consistently.  So, we push it to their email.  With one click, they are where they need to be.  Add usefulness and accountability to this simplicity and you'll get 90-100% response weekly!

Work with other Internet applications

Web applications like Youtube, Facebook, Flickr, and Google Calendars will continue to proliferate and mature.  Volunteers and staff often want to take advantage of these.  We created a simple way for the leader to link their favorite app to their group for everyone to see and enjoy.  

Use analytics to get the real picture

Along with communication, the endgame for any database has to be to provide quality feedback to leadership.  We have a great system to collect information and combine that with the discipline of analytics to provide pastors with revolutionary feedback on their groups.  

Applied to church management software

Membership and families

Add, edit, merge, remove, track and use any type of information you want on individuals including anything you can hyperlink to (ex. Facebook, Vimeo for  their testimony).  Push out emails for members to update their own information.  Available on any web capable device.

Assimilation work flow

Use groups as pools to track processes.  People can join the pool (i.e. request information, indicate a decision, etc.) from the website or be placed into it.  This group becomes your dashboard making sure no one falls through the cracks.

Children's check-in

Set up as many stations as you like.  Check kids in by class or by family.  Name, security code, and customizable info for matching security tags.  Uses text messaging to contact parents if needed. Can be used for worship or event check-in. 


Fast, efficient, batch data entry system with optimized keyboard shortcuts and predictive entry (copy previous contributions for a person etc). Weekly summaries with built-in analytics emailed when batch is finished. Easy to edit contributions. Review details and summaries over time, contribution types and/or fund. Print contribution statements any time. Integrated online giving coming summer, 2011.

Reports and Communication

Numerous quick reports are linked throughout the application.  Our powerful reports allow you to list, map, text, email, create labels, identify and group, invite to update, invite to assess or export based on any attribute or involvement.  Plus all the group roster, attendance and delinquency reports.  Extremely flexible and easy to use (no query or report writing knowledge required).

Spiritual Growth and Prayer

Growthfinder is a customizable discipleship assessment to identify and resource people and groups based on spiritual needs and maturity.  We also developed a nice process for people to enter prayer requests on your website and collect them in a group for easy access and distribution.

Class, Event or Project Management

Skip the form on your website and let people join any class, event or project directly in the database.  Team leaders will be notified.  Use the group as a dashboard to communicate with everyone or take attendance.  Or customize the view of the group to see how they might work together.


Add a group profile to identify your campuses and a member profile to define campus involvement.  These become the filters you'll need to identify, communicate with and report on groups or individuals from different campuses.  Linkbuilder lets you build the right link for your website. 


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