Group Membership Change Report

Sunday, April 17, 2011 12:26:00 PM Categories: New Features
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Have you ever wanted to know or been asked to list the number of people who joined or left groups over a period of time?  It's a fairly common question and we've heard it enough times now that we decided it's time to create an output option for it:


As you can see in this image, when you choose a date range you can apply it to one of 4 choices:

  1. Join Date = list of people by group who joined a group by any means.
  2. Remove Date = list of people by group who were removed from a group.
  3. Join or Remove Date = combined list of people who either joined or were removed from a group.
  4. Join and Remove Date = list just of people who both joined and were removed from a group perhaps indicating they never really became a part of the group.

You can have this report filter based on group type or any of the other group filters.  Play around with it and I think you'll find it very helpful.  When you scroll to the bottom of the report, you'll see the summary totals.  

Shepherd well, my friend.