Gleaning your launch. Find & communicate with people still not in groups.

Thursday, September 9, 2010 11:44:00 AM Categories: Ministry & Technology Tips 4 Clients
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We all know there are a certain number of people that just aren’t going to respond to a general plea to find a group but would if they had a personal invitation.

What if you could extend the right invitation to the right people?

Here’s how:

Figure out the right people.
1. SG Admin main menu – reports & communication.
2. Member Reports
3. Output = Member Listing. Filter by People Not In a Group. Choose a zip code or other variables.


As you can see above, I’ve chosen to: a) list people, b) not in a Small Group or Life Sunday Group, c) who live in zip code 76001 and 76002.

When I run this report I see who fits these criterion. Try different zip code and other attribute variables (zip codes, city, lifestages, etc.) until you find a large (or small) enough set of people you think might be able to form a new group. I’d suggest at least 30 people to get a group of 8-12. Remember these settings.

Put them in a connect group:
A connect group is simply a group of people in process of being connected.

1. As with any other group, create a connect group for the people you are hoping to put together. ex. Connect 76001
2. Once the group is created, go to reports and communication, member reports and then (instead of member listing) select the output option to “Add selected members to an existing group”.
3. Limit the report to the filter options you discovered above.
4. Click “Run Report”
5. This will give you the page to enter these people as members into the connect group you created in #1.
6. Click “Add To Group”

Reach out, invite, communicate

You have now created a group of people not in a group living in zip code 76001. Using Connect 76001, staff or volunteer leaders can do everything any group leader can do with his/her group including email, call, text, request updated information, and track contacts.

This is a powerful process that has some great potential to help you glean the edges of people not in groups by giving them the extra attention they need.