• Membership Management
    Add, edit, remove, and merge member information for individuals or families.
  • Custom Fields
    Define your own custom fields or attributes at the individual or family member levels, and include hyperlink fields (dropdowns, text, date fields also).
  • Data Migration
    Easily import member information from current database including custom attributes and translation of incoming data into Churchteams values. Others take weeks, you can do it in a few hours – no experience required.
  • Confidential Notes
    Track comments, guest notes, coaching notes, and pastoral notes for better follow up and history of an individual or family. Secure notes at the appropriate level based on note type.
  • Web based
    Web based means you can access from anywhere anytime on any device. Including smart phones, tablets, and laptops with a browser. It’s Church management software that’s accessible when you need it.
  • Facebook Support
    Link people and groups to their Facebook page, blog, etc. Create a link for people to join a group, class or event from Tweet, Facebook, blog, etc.
  • Google Maps Integration
    Addresses are linked directly to Google maps.
  • Email and Texting
    Use for announcements, confirmations, and connecting members.
  • Mapping of members
    Connect members to families, projects, events, groups, etc.
  • Assimilation and Visitor Follow up
    Our group view dashboard allows you to track people from first time visit to fully engaged in small groups, events, and ministries. Never lose someone between the cracks again.
  • Communication
    Email, texting, labels, mail merge, email request for updated information, invitation to complete discipleship assessment, invitation to join a group.
  • Custom Reporting
    Attendance, Multi-site, Volunteer Tracking, Membership Changes, Contributions, and much more. Custom filters allow you to set the view and display only what you want to see. Here is a list of some of the output and filter options. Use these in combination to get any report you want.
    • Output options
      Listing, notes, directory, map, add to a group, export, rosters, attendance/absence, membership change, registration payment, service project tracking.
    • Filter options
      Group membership/role, church member type, gender/age, member attributes, family attributes, Address, attendance delinquency, notes, coaching structure, group status, service projects.
  • Secure Child Check-in
    Fast and secure check-in with barcode scanning option. Unlimited check-in stations. Uniquely generated security codes for kids. Use texting to page parents. Fast, efficient data entry with automated guest tracking.
  • Event and Worship Check-in
    Check in volunteers, attendees for any type of class, event or worship service. Print name tags.
  • Contributions
    Batch data entry (faster than many check scanning systems). Quickly copy member’s prior contributions including splits. Deposit reconciliation. Import online giving. Email weekly summary. Built-in analytics (including online giving) emailed to you when batch is finished. Many reporting options. Email, .pdf statements (no more stuffing envelopes).
  • Pledge Tracking
    Track and report on financial pledges for any type of capital campaign. Weekly summary reporting is integrated with the contribution summary reports. Pledge tracking can be included on contribution statements and emailed to members to let them know how they are progressing with their pledges.
  • Online Giving
    Easily add to your current website and integrated with Churchteams to automatically import and post contributions for you. Other features include: Split designations, debit card only option, credit card and ACH. Completely integrated into the Churchteams church management software.
  • Multi-site
    Convenient website integration allows you to add group or member attributes to track, communicate with, present or report on different campuses.
  • Customization of Look and Feel
    Customize the color, fonts and logo of the browse groups page and/or the application to match your website.
  • Background Checks – ProtectMyMinistry Integration
    Integration with ProtectMyMinistry for background checks.
  • Video Tutorials
    Welcome and setup, small groups and discipleship, membership and follow up, children and students, administration and IT
  • Support
    Phone, email, FAQ and Facebook.
  • Dependable Hosting
    Complete redundancy via peering multiple sites and fiber optic connections and devices ensure uptime and dependability.
  • Security
    Secure encryption (TLS/SSL) is used for the entire application and an extensive 9 levels of security to limit access to information based on the users specific level of access.
  • Groupfinder
    Links to your website allow people to search for groups and email the leader or join the group directly. Includes group mapping and searching for groups near an address or zip code. Group leaders easily update group information.
  • Identify and Recruit Leaders
    Reporting functions allow you to identify and recruit leaders based on their gifts and passion. Develop and track a “pool” of potential and developing leaders.
  • Automatic Group Communication Reminder
    Leaders get a reminder to communicate with their group and staff on the day and frequency their group meets.
  • Communication Follow Up System
    Accountability systems in place to get 100% response from leaders to complete their group communication / report.
  • Coach Area
    View and update coaches and their groups.
  • Group Health Report
    Our revolutionary group health report automatically pushes out an end of month report with executive, ministry and group level metrics.
  • Growthfinder Assessment
    Customizable Discipleship Assessment with resources based on spiritual need and maturity. Helps group leaders and pastors shepherd based on a Discipleship template that you tailor to reflect your vision.
  • Service Tracker
    Track group involvement in serving their neighborhood, community, church and world.
  • Leadership Hierarchy
    Charts your organizational structure and give you an automated follow up system.
  • Online Book Store
    Integrated with Amazon or any link you provide to your very own customizable book store.
  • Church Mailing List Manager & Marketing Tool
    (WOW!) Churchteams not only allows you to contact your congregation, leaders, and visitors - our software offers a full-featured eMail List Manager. To see all the eMail Marketing & Connection features of Churchteams, click here.
  • Event registration
    Sign up and take payments (optional) for any class, group, event, or project. Collect any additional information you might want on that event and see all information on the event dashboard.
  • Team leader notification
    Automatically notify team leaders of event registrations and signups for classes, groups, or ministries opportunities.
  • Online directory
    Password protected, always up-to-date online directory for church members. Can include profile pictures, email and cell phones if you want.
  • Volunteer registration
    Create links to pull up areas for which you need volunteers and allow people to sign up online.
  • Prayer requests
    Track and follow up on prayer requests.
  • Link Builder
    Our built-in tool designed to provide or create for you the links you need to get even more out of your website.
  • Other applications
    Link to any social media or web application such as Curriculum, Facebook, Google Calendar, Google Docs, and Youtube that your people or your leaders like, already use and want to use for their group.