Email Reminders Release Change - Member Consistency

Tuesday, March 15, 2011 10:36:00 PM Categories: New Features
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I sent this email to our clients last week to update on new adds within Churchteams.

Email Reminders Release Time Change

More and more people are starting to use the email reminders for Sunday School and other types of groups because of their convenience and effectiveness for inreach. In response to that, effective today, the release time for email reminders changed from 10:30 p.m. to 4:10 a.m. central time the day/frequency the group meets. This should make it even more useful for groups meeting in the morning or for leaders wanting to take attendance / respond using a smart phone, etc. during their actual meeting. Second and third prompts will come out in the morning as well.

Member Consistency

In reporting attendance, we changed the report name on group reports to “Attendance by Member Consistency”. When you select it, you now will see the relative consistency of group members in a format that mirrors the group consistency report we provide you each month. This report reflects the learning that consistency is really the value of tracking attendance.

Also, on each group’s info page, located below the membership table is a new link called membership consistency. Click it and it will show you the relative consistency of each member over the previous 9 weeks. It’s the same report as group reports, just much more accessible for leaders.

Member Profile Page Updates

A few people asked about being able to quickly see an individual’s most recent involvement in groups. So, we added a person’s last date attended in parenthesis beside each group they attend on their member profile page. In addition, you can click the last date attended and pull up the same report for the previous 9 weeks shown above.

In addition, we’ve upgraded the visibility of Notes (used to be called contacts) to the top section of the member profile page. Notes has become a critical part of the assimilation tracking process.