Discipleship & Small Groups

Making disciples of all nations drives everything.  In recent decades, much has been learned to help churches with discipleship and team-building. Churchteams ChMS was built to support these priorities.


“ChurchTeams is the best thing that has happened for Small Group communication. I really appreciate your service.”

Ron Day
Oakwood Community Church – Tampa, FL

Everything is a Group
We call them by names like classes, boards, committees, teams, bands, projects, and events.  But fundamentally every gathering or initiative in church life is a group.  This idea simplifies our software and makes it more powerful.

Remove the bottleneck for people finding groups but stay in the loop by linking Groupfinder to your website.  It is customizable, intuitive to use, always up-to-date, secure and proven effective.  Examples.

Customize the Growthfinder assessment to reflect your discipleship template.  Then use it for individuals to assess their personal spiritual growth, groups to be more intentional in their goals and resources, and plan your preaching schedule.

Connecting People
Like you, we know that people want to connect with other people at church.  But that can be difficult if they can only fill out a card or come to an event.  Why not add an online option that allows them to connect directly with the leaders of the groups or ministries they are interested in?  Let us help you broaden your funnel for connection.

Group Health Reports
One of the most common struggles pastors have is knowing the health of their small groups.  Our accountability system helps you make sure you capture the information you need … all the time.  Our monthly health report is a spreadsheet that shows you an 18 month ministry trend line.  It puts your groups in three health categories.  And gives you one click access to drill down to see what’s happening in each group or team.

Coaching and Serving
Customize the language and clarify your organizational structure during setup.  Push-out emails remind coaches to contact leaders.  Monthly coaching reports summarize contacts to evaluate coaching.  Enable the service project tracking feature to track missional engagement.

Volunteers have to communicate with the groups / teams they lead.  It’s a hassle to collect and create their own communication system, and they don’t want to login to a software to navigate to the right place.  We’ve developed a one click from an email solution that’s “no training necessary” easy for volunteer leaders and they love it.

“ChurchTeams service really met our needs and provided all the power we needed to easily involve over 100 people in our church-wide small group program. From quick sign-up to weekly attendance reporting, ChurchTeams was a big help in quickly mobilizing our parish for small groups..” Deacon Tom O'Brien
Nativity of Our Lady Catholic Community – San Luis Obispo CA