Deposit Slips And Weekly Giving Report

Tuesday, June 12, 2012 11:47:00 AM Categories: New Features Tips 4 Clients
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 Most of us equate a contribution batch with a deposit.  That makes it easy to track each deposit.  Historically, you could communicate to the board and staff this batch/deposit as the total giving for the week.  However, online giving adds complexity to providing an accurate report of all giving for the week.  I am excited to share with you a new release to solve this communication problem.  

On both the batch entry form and the batch history form, you now have a report option called "Deposit Slip" or "Deposit" (A,B below).  Click on this deposit report (C below) to exclude a batch's online giving and print a check detail with cash summary to serve as your deposit slip.  This allows you to import online giving into your batch each week and use the summary report (D below) to communicate to the board and staff all giving for the week including the percentage of online giving and other metrics automatically.  This will serve your decision-makers well while meeting the needs of accounting for deposits.  

A.  Batch entry form:
Inline image 1    

B.  Batch history form:
Inline image 2

C.  Deposit slip report:
Note the options to show details, total or exclude deposit types.  The defaults are the most common.

Inline image 3

Note to accounting: Be sure to keep your checks in the same order as when you enter them.  The deposit slip report will list them in this same order.  This will make it easier to compare checks to the deposit slip.
D.  Weekly summary emailed to board and staff:

Inline image 4