Check-in Upgrades

Wednesday, February 6, 2013 3:52:00 PM Categories: New Features
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 We love the input we get from you about the check-in system.  So, many of the upgrades we've done in the past came from your ideas.  Late last week and this week we released a couple of tweaks that we thought we should outline for you at this point.

First, several people were losing attendance because families or volunteers would click family labels for their name tags and then click cancel rather than save to get out of the screen.  So, we upgraded the Family Labels button so that it will not only print, but also save automatically and take you back to the search page for the next family.  We also added a pop up to confirm that people want to cancel and not save if they don't click the family labels button.  This also means that tags for diaper bags should always be clicked before doing family labels.

Second, several people wanted to get information about gender and to expand the household roles for new families.  When you click New Family (see below) you will see options to include gender and customize family role.  This will allow you to use new members to register students and other roles as well.  This also helps with the issue of kids bringing their friends.  If you want, you can now enter friends as "other" in the household role until the guest child's family becomes a part.

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