Administration and IT

Secure church management software

Administration and IT undergirds every other ministry with the resource, coordination and communication systems they need to excel. Here are important ways Churchteams helps you help them.

One tool, many locations

Designed for the Internet, Churchteams is intuitive and easily-accessible. Volunteers and staff at every level use it immediately with only a brief introduction. Push-out emails prompt them for action.  It works for one ministry or many.  It works for one campus or many.  It is one seamless product with no additional modules with added costs.

Safe and secure

Our hosting provider data center uses the latest technology for encryption and security.  See the security section of our user agreement for more details.  Changes in the system can be logged by email. Data in your churchteams database belongs to you (see our privacy policy for more details). Passwords control appropriate access levels based on responsibility.  Use the system to track worker screening and for secure children's check-in.

Money matters

Contribution entry is easy and intuitive.  You can even email the summary with a custom message upon completion of a batch.  Only the membership admin controls access to giving records and all reports.  Email quarterly and annual statements that include personal pledge tracking.  Check out our online giving and event payment features. Use your current accounting software or a new one, all you need are the fund summaries emailed to your bookkeeper each week. 

Web works

The "linkbuilder" feature allows you to easily create links from your website to any single or collection of groups, classes, events or projects.  Integrating your database gives your website much greater utility (examples).  With our hyperlink attributes you can link any calendar, social media or other web app to any individual or group. This allows you to take advantage of all the web has to offer.   Customize the look and feel of Churchteams to match your website using our custom style sheet.

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