How to Export ACS Information to a CSV File for importing into Churchteams

NOTE: These instructions may differ somewhat depending on what version of ACS you are using.

1 ) Create your search to get the information you are looking for. Run your search.
2 ) Click on 'Advanced Export' under the Search Info tab
3 ) Click on Create New Export
4 ) Check the 'Use last search results' check box
5 ) Click Next which should take you to the Fields tab
6 ) Double Click on the following fields:
Expand the Personal node in the tree listing.

Double click Family Number directly under the personal node. NOTE: The Individual Number listed near the top under the Personal node AND the Individual ID described below are BOTH required so please include both of them.

Below the Address node and almost to the Special Fields node underneath the Date Last Contributed field double click the "Individual ID" field. This is a critical field to include to reduce duplicates.

Double click the following fields as well
7 ) Click Next (should take you to the Format tab), and choose Comma Separated Values
8 ) Go back to Fields Tab and Click on Select All, then Run Export (this button may be called "Execute" in older versions of ACS)
9 ) Name your file, as prompted (note where it is saved on your computer)
10 ) Click OK to limit number of files to ALL (This is the default)
11 ) Your file should then be exported. It will tell you where the file is saved to.
12 ) Login to Churchteams as the admin and click the Settings menu (upper right) and then Members / Import/Load to import the file into Churchteams.